Wendy Packman

Wendy Packman, JD, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Palo Alto University( PAU) and holds clinical appointments at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and Stanford University. She is the Director of the Joint JD-PhD Program in Psychology and Law at PAU and Golden Gate University Law School. She is admitted to the State Bar of California and is a licensed psychologist in California. Dr. Packman received her clinical training at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Judge Baker Children’s Center, and the Division of Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics, UCSF. Her research interests and publications include studies of the psychological effects of bone marrow transplant on donor and non-donor siblings, psychological interventions for siblings of cancer patients, and psychological issues faced by children and young adults with inborn errors of metabolism. In the area of psychology and the law, research interests include ethical and legal issues in child and pediatric psychology, risk management with suicidal patients and malpractice. Dr. Packman has studied, presented and written extensively on sibling bereavement and continuing bonds, the impact of a child’s death on parents, and the psychological sequellae of pet loss. She is the primary investigator of an international cross-cultural study examining the continuing impact of a pet’s death and she is a co-investigator exploring the use of continuing bonds in pet loss.



Continuing Connection with a Pet that Has Died, 18 Jan 2012

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