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December 27, 2007
Finding Meaning After the Loss of Both Parents
Lisa Peacock
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December 20, 2007
Getting Through the Holidays Without Your Spouse
Linda Della Donna
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December 13, 2007
Men and Loss
Neil Chethnik
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December 7, 2007
How to Help Your Teens Grieve in a Healthy Way
Drs. Heidi and Gloria are guests on
The Parents Hour with Dr. Arline Kerman
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December 6, 2007
Trauma and Bereavement in Children and Adolescents: Helping Our Families Grow After a Loss
Guest: Dr. Norman J. Fried
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November 29, 2007
Arson and the Death of a Twin Son
Guest: Dr. Gail Minger
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November 15, 2007
Helping Families Deal With Loss
Guest: Dr. Janice Nadeau
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November 8, 2007
Loss of a Wife to Suicide and Unborn Child to Premature Birth
Guest: Abel Keogh
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November 1, 2007
Dealing With the Death of a Child to Leukemia
Guest: Lisa Nehmer
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October 25, 2007
An Adopted Child Loses Her Sibling
Guest: Kristie Mueller
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October 18, 2007
Arriving at the Scene: A Son Dies in an Auto Crash
Guest: Khris Ford
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October 11, 2007
Coping with Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Guest: Monica Novak
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October 4, 2007
Grieving as a Meaning-Making Process
Guest: Dr. Robert A. Neimeyer
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September 27, 2007
Pediatric Oncology
Guest: Dr. Steven Chanock
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September 20, 2007
Opening Your Heart With Yoga
Guest: Jason Wendroff-Rawnicki
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September 13, 2007
The Forgotten Ones: The Grief Experience of Adult Siblings of World Trade Center Victims
Guest: Dr. David Flomenhaft
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September 6, 2007
The Widows of September 11th – Where are They Now: 6 Years Later?
Guest: Dr. Dianne Kane
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August 30, 2007
There is No Rule Book: Finding Forgiveness After the Murder of My Husband
Guest: Katy Hutchison
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August 23, 2007
Being a Parent Without Surviving Children
Guest: Kay Bevington
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August 16, 2007
How Do I Tell Them? Talking to Childen About Suicide
Guest: Carol Loehr
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August 9, 2007
Surrendering to Grief
Guest: Iris Krasnow
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August 2, 2007
Providing Help in the Workplace: How do New York Firefighters Heal After 9/11?
Guest: Dr. Paul Greene
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July 26, 2007
Helping Children Heal After Loss
Guest: Dr. Grace Christ
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July 19, 2007
The Gift of Significance (pre-recorded)
Guest: Doug Manning
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July 12, 2007
Honoring a Young Child’s Death (pre-recorded)
Guest: Nancy Thomason
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July 5, 2007
Sibling Bereavement in Childhood
Guest: Dr. Betty Davies
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June 28, 2007
Dealing With Grief and Loss
Guest: Dr. Kenneth J. Doka
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June 21, 2007
Sleep Disturbance
Guest: Dr. Jed Black
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June 14, 2007
Orphaned at Nineteen
Guest: Dr. Cori Bussolari
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June 7, 2007
From Rage to Reconcilliation
Guest: Dr. Bud Welch
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May 31, 2007
A Mother’s Journey Through Grief
Guest: Beth Page
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May 24, 2007
The Death of a Mother: Integrating Personal and Professional Knowledge
Guest: David Browning
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May 17, 2007
Thoughts on Being a Bereaved Parent and Grandparent
Guest: Polly Moore
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May 10, 2007
Getting Through Mother’s Day
Guest: Debra Regan
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May 3, 2007
Living With A Mother’s Death by Suicide
Dr. Francesca McCartney
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April 26, 2007
The Impact of Losing a Child
Guest: Dr. Esther Wender
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April 19, 2007
Losing a Child and Then a Firefighter Husband in the Aftermath of 9/11
Guest: Anne Bynes
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April 12, 2007
Dealng With Grief at Work
Guest: John Santoro
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April 5, 2007
Men and Grief
Guest: David Pellegrin
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March 29, 2007
Building Memorial Gardens to Honor Our Children
Guest: Jo Ann Glim
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March 22, 2007
Double Loss: A Mentally Ill Son Kills His Father and Himself
Gues: Margaret Margo
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March 15, 2007
Real Men Do Cry
Eric Hipple
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March 8, 2007
Healing Through Music
Guest: David McCraig
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March 1, 2007
Sudden Death/Vehicular
Guest: Cathy Seehuetter
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February 22, 2007
A Father’s Grief
Guest: Fred Mountjoy
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February 15, 2007
Why Sibling Grief is Unique
Guest: Dr. Mary Paulson
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February 8, 2007
When Compassion Can’t Wait
Guest: Valerie Sobel
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February 1, 2007
Real Men Do Cry
Eric Hipple
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January 25, 2007
Joining in Memory of Jim
Guest: Dinah Taylor
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January 18, 2007
Grieving the Still Born Child
Guest: Lorraine Ash
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January 11, 2007
Loving What Is (Pre-recorded)
Guest: Byron Katie
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January 4, 2007
I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye: Coping Techniques for the Now Childless
Guest: Sandy Fox
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