The International Day of Hope and Healing After Loss, this is a first-of-a-kind, virtual experience bringing together major organizations and leaders in the field devoted to supporting the bereaved. Our mission is to provide an uplifting day of hope and healing to those grieving the loss of a loved one, a loss made more difficult due to this pandemic. Zaneta M. Gileno is a psychotherapist and certified thanatologist specializing in grief and trauma. Her work and expertise began in the foster care system and transitioned to working exclusively with bereaved military families as a program director for a world-wide nonprofit. Zaneta expanded her mission to include all those grieving a loss and recovering from trauma and has a vibrant private practice in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a passion for community organizing and education, Zaneta engages in her community suicide prevention efforts and supports those grieving a death to suicide. She is a student advisor and part-time lecturer at Columbia University School of Social Work and greatly enjoys mentoring the new generation of social workers and therapists.


The Open to Hope Community

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