Feeling bereaved and lonely? Join Dr. Gloria Horsley and her fiancé Dr. Frank Powers for a candid discussion on the challenges and triumphs of widowhood and relationships. They are joined by Herb Knoll, founder of the Widowers Support Network (WSN), a global ministry focused on healing hearts and supporting men who have lost their spouse or life partner. Herb, a podcaster and author of “The Widower’s Journey: Helping Men Rebuild After Their Loss,” shares insights on rebuilding and finding connection after loss.

After the loss of Dr. Gloria Horsley’s husband, getting back in the game was hard, but she realized finding love in your golden years doesn’t have to be complicated. In Open to Love, The Secrets of Senior Dating; Dr. Gloria and her fiancé, Dr. Frank Powers, share their personal and professional stories of love and romance in the later years. Purchase your copy on amazon today, all proceeds go to the Open to Hope Foundation with a mission of helping people find hope after loss.


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