I was born in Detroit on 7/17/1952 and attended parochial grade school and high school. I graduated from Eastern Michigan University in December of 1974 with a B.S. in psychology and a minor in sociology. I began my healthcare career at Ypsilanti State Psychiatric Hospital in 1973 as a nursing assistant. I graduated from Mercy School of Nursing in June 1979. I met my late wife in December, 1979. We moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1981 to Salt Lake City, Utah. We moved again in 1989 to San Diego then to Sedona, Arizona in 1999. I worked as a nurse in Nephrology, Critical Care, Cardiac Medicine and Cardiac Cath Lab with national certifications in all four of those fields. My late spouse died in June of 2012 and I met my future wife four months later. We married in November, 2015 and I retired from healthcare in August 2019. I published “Soldier On” a memoir of my late spouse in 2019. I’m just a guy who frequently witnessed death professionally at the bedside but when it became personal, it blew me away. I would be happy to share what I did to move through the chasm of grief to get the other side. My favorite saying right now is, when someone asks me how I’m doing, I simply say, “My life is so good, it’s scary.”  


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