Lois has been an activist and gun safety advocate her entire life and has worked for non-profit organizations as a grants writer; namely: the Pearl Lang Dance Foundation and the Kimmel Housing Foundation, an affordable housing developer for seniors. Her past activities have included participating in marches and rallies in support of the civil rights movement and to protest the war in Vietnam. Currently, the issue of gun violence has captured most of her time. In addition to participating in marches and rallies to protest the easy accessibility of guns and she has worked with legislators to enact sensible gun safety bills in Nassau County, New York State and federally. She would like to say that she is grateful to Milli Brown, President and CEO of the Brown Publishing Group who understood the importance of publishing her book, “The Unthinkable: Life, Loss and a Mother’s Mission to Ban Illegal Guns.” She wrote the book not only to honor the memory of her daughter, but as a platform to speak at various venues in protest, raise awareness of our country and for our citizenry to become involved in reducing the easy accessibility of guns.

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