Stephanie Cooper
In 2007, Stephanie Cooper was an executive at a small but very successful Los Angeles music and entertainment company when her husband was killed by a wrong way drunk driver one night while on his way home from work. Devastated by her loss, and unable to continue to afford their family home while supporting two children on her single income, she and her two daughters moved to Nashville in early 2009 in the hopes of gaining a fresh perspective and a much needed fresh start. It was after the move that she realized her true calling had to involve helping other grieving widows, as well as those suffering various other types of loss, toward healing and living a more positive life. She had learned the "lessons" from her loss and use them to help others heal and evolve toward their best lives. She recently created R.I.S.E. through which she will facilitate peer support groups specifically for young widows, and provide resources, information and su pport for others trying to heal from the loss of a loved one or major life change. She recently began writing for the National edition of as their National Widowhood Correspondent, and is working on developing her Life Coaching practice. You can find out more information about R.I.S.E. at or contact Stephanie at [email protected]
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