Ruby Rose Fox
Ruby Rose Fox was a bone marrow donor to her sister Dalia who died of Leukemia in August 1992. She is a Boston based actor, trained solo-performer, and musician. She is a recent BFA acting graduate of Emerson College and has performed in Macbeth, Undiscovered Country, A Movie Star has to Star in Black and White, The Shadow, and The Marriage of Figaro. She is working on Crying Deer with The Boston Experimental Project. She debuted her one-woman show Little Legacy at Emerson in Spring 2007 and brought her show to Children’s Hospital in summer 2008. Little Legacy is a theatrical, one-hour, one-woman-show using Shakespeare, classical and modern poetry, and a mother’s journal. Ruby plays seven characters struggling with the loss of a child to leukemia allowing the audience experience the complexities and dimensions of grief within a family unit. Because Little Legacy offers such a wide range of experiences, there are many possibilities for healing and understanding. A mother may access perspective from the childlike characters, a father may from the female perspective, or a palliative care worker may learn more about the grief of siblings. Ruby is hoping to take her work to more hospitals around the country. Ruby Rose appeared on the radio show “Healing the Grieving Heart” with Dr. Heidi & Dr. Gloria Horsley to discuss “Remembering Our Siblings.” To hear Ruby being interviewed on this show, click on the following link:
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