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Feeling discouraged? Relax and tune into the Open to Hope podcast and hear Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley interview guests with inspiring stories about recovery from loss.

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Adam Rabinovitch and Claire Sharkey: Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Grief and Trauma

Posted on November 18, 2021 - by admin

How are the children doing? Parents and friends alike wonder how families will survive after a death. Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and their guests Adam Rabinovitch, bereaved sibling, […]


Jonathan Pitts: Grief and God

Posted on November 11, 2021 - by admin

Where was God? A question asked by many after a death.  Join Dr’s. Heidi and Gloria Horsley and their guest bereaved spouse, pastor and author Jonathan Pitts for a lively […]


Carole Brody Fleet: Embracing The New You

Posted on November 1, 2021 - by admin

Has a loss gotten you down? Join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi and guest Carole Brody Fleet to learn how through her own story she has inspired millions of bereaved […]


Sally Ponzio: A Song Of Healing

Posted on October 28, 2021 - by admin

Have you found comfort and healing in music? If so, join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi and Sallyann Ponzio for the inspiring story of how her deceased son’s words were […]


Mike Bernhardt: Poetry A Creative Tool For Healing

Posted on October 21, 2021 - by admin

Has poetry been a companion on your grief journey? Join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley and their guest Mike Bernhardt who turned to writing poetry after the death of […]


Catherine Tidd: Widowed What Now

Posted on October 14, 2021 - by admin

  Wondering how to cope with the loss of a partner? Join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley and their guest Catherine Tidd for a discussion of grief, loss and […]


Joyal Mulheron: Turning Your Loss into Your Passion

Posted on October 12, 2021 - by admin

Are you looking to make meaning from your loss? Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and hear how Joyal Mulheron, founder of Evermore, is working to change policy and advance […]


Linda Zelik: Demystifying After-death Communications

Posted on October 7, 2021 - by admin

Are you interested in after-death communication? Join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley and their guest Linda Zelik to learn how signs from her deceased son Kevin have changed her […]


Dave Roberts and Patty Furino: One Man’s Spiritual Transformation

Posted on September 30, 2021 - by admin

Are you wondering how spiritual practices can empower you? Join Dr. Heidi and Dr. Gloria Horsley, psychologist and bereaved parent, Dave Roberts and Reverend Patty Eurino to learn how meeting […]


Allyson England Drake: Continuing Bonds After The Death of a Parent

Posted on September 23, 2021 - by admin

Are you an adult grieving the loss of a parent? Join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley and their guest grief expert and founder of Full Circle, Allyson England Drake. […]