Shari O’Loughlin is Chief Executive Officer for The Compassionate Friends (TCF) USA. TCF is an international nonprofit organization with over 500 chapters across the U.S. providing peer support and education to bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents after the death of a child. She was formerly Executive Director of the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico, a statewide nonprofit organization supporting bereaved children and their caregivers. Prior to these roles, she was a business executive and entrepreneur for over 25 years. Shari published the book, “Life from the Ashes; Finding Signs of Hope After Loss” and is a bereaved parent and a bereaved sibling from her youth. She earned her MBA from The University of Chicago, is a certified Leadership Coach and Business Consultant, and is a speaker on loss and the healing journey. Shari has designed programs for better supporting grief in the workplace and stewarding clients through grief. She believes that we can find meaning from our most traumatic experiences and new possibilities after loss.

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