Gloria and Heidi

I can not thank you enough for the privilege of having Daniel and me as guests on your show. What you have done for people traveling the lonely journey of grief truly offers a bridge to the possibilities of living with much hope.

Each of your guests inspired us in ways we never thought of – all so strong and brave in sharing their stories.

The pictures are awesome and I’m looking forward to the air date.

We will post pictures on our social media. If there is any messaging and tagging you prefer, please let me know and I will make sure to include these.

Thank you again and it is my humble hope that our paths cross again soon.

Warmest regards,


I am so happy with your website. I lost my father 2 months ago and having lost my mother and sister when I was young, I am the only one left of our family. I am feeling utterly sorry for myself and feel I am getting worse by the day. I just needed to read what I have read so far, at least I feel I am not alone.-Nicci

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Heidi & Gloria Horsey in Philadelphia back in  Dec. 2011. I have been following newsletter ‘s & refer to my book they gave out How to cope with the Holidays , it is my reference each Holiday season. How grateful I am to all of you at Open to Hope, I have & continue to learn so much from all of you & their guests.

Sincerely , Donna Soufrine

I wanted to thank you again for providing such a positive experience. I had a wonderful time on Sunday and look forward to working with Open to Hope more in the future. Thank you, thank you for ALL you do for so many people.
I have always loved my job but I am even more energized now! I can’t wait to help more people.

Thank you,

Ashley Galleher

Executive Director

CharitySmith Nonprofit Foundation

Love to you and your families. I wish you all a beautiful holiday season filled with miracles and joy. Well, you ARE miracles and joy as you live your life so beautifully. -Janet Gallin

Gloria and Heidi- Your lives are such a beautiful testament to hope and joy after loss. I’m thankful for you two! -Beth

I was very touched watching Dr. Heidi Horsley and her daughter Dr. Gloria Horsley talk about the pain of losing a child and a sibling. Having real mom and daughter speak about their loss and their tireless commitment to survival for themselves and for others and by interviewing such wonderful people on this video gives all of us who have lost a child a hope that yes, if they can make it, we can, too.-Mary Jane Hurley Brant

We are here to enable you and your neighbors to inform, inspire and empower our community. Your shows “Open to Hope” accomplish all three of these goals in a profound and meaningful way.  Thank YOU for sharing your vision and heart with all of us.-Annie Folger Executive Director of the Medpeninsula Community Media Center

I just listened to the siblings grief and loss webinar on the compassionate friends website. Thank you. Everything you said was so spot on for me.  I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your time and I will be looking into your radio show for additional support. -Crystal

Thanks. I enjoyed the webinar.  Barb Halverson

I wanted to express my thanks for the handling grief through the holiday season webinar. It will help me with facilitating the chapter meetings in November and December.  It has been 6 years since the loss of my son and the anticipation of the holiday season is always difficult.-Beth Enea

My husband and I both listened as we sat around our computer.  I thought back to the days when our grandparents sat around the radio instead of a tv. We really enjoyed it so much. I was taking notes on some of the ideas Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi offered.  I love the one about putting a table out at Christmas and everyone putting things on it that remind us of our child.  Just by chance the name Billy was used.  That was our sons name.  So we both were wide eyed over that.  Then near the end she mentioned Billy and Suzy.  Right after Bill died we lost one of our close friends named Suzy, so we claimed that as a sign. Once again Compassionate Friends hit a home run for all parents.-Nancy and Tony Molle

Thanks for providing this webinar. It was very helpful. I am the leader of my TCF chapter. I’d love to share this with our members at a meeting. As a leader, I am always looking for help with meeting topics.-Susan

Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley are a dynamic mother and daughter team that bring a sensitivity to their presentations.  As a result of their life experience, Heidi and Gloria understand about grief and its impact on the survivor.  People who hear their presentations report being touched on a very deep and emotional level.-Howard Winokuer, Ph.D., FT; Past President, Association for Death Education and Counseling

Since I first got in touch with you, you have been very helpful and supportive. Next month on the 4th of September, it will be six years since I lost Samar!  In Bahrain and in the other Arab countries, grief is more lonely than elsewhere as you are expected not to talk about it. – Randah

If you are looking for a dynamic, entertaining and educational pair of speakers, then you need look no further than Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley. This mother-daughter team is one of the best in the field of thanatology and they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your audiences.  They combine both personal grief and professional training to provide insights and tools for helping the bereaved understand their grief journey.-Darcie Sims

Of all the seminars we attended, yours was by far the most informative, refreshing and ‘hopeful’. Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done.  Even after 14 years on our grief journey it is surprising and yet comforting to learn something new.  You did that for us. Thank you!—-Mark & Linda Triplett

The founder of Open To Hope is Gloria Horsley, a woman whom I am beyond grateful for having met when I did and for the gifts of her presence in my life ongoing since I met her in 2007. She singularly helped me find my path out of the deepest darkest grief to become open to hope for a better way to cope. I don’t know where I would be without having met her daughter at yoga class and her sharing her mothers gifts when I could not find my own way thru this journey.
 One person can make a difference when and where we need them most.–Kim Perlmutter

I just want to share with you how much your newsletter, and free sharing of your recorded radio shows have enabled me to move on from losing my best girlfriend just over one year ago. Sadly, this year my youngest cousin is facing two forms of serious cancer and this could indeed be his last Father’s Day. He will leave behind two young sons. Your article this month was so powerful. I felt such gratitude for being able to forward it to all my family as we are all stumbling through this, and for me, I have found other’s sharing there story on your site has made the journey of my grief feel like what it what it truly is…shared by a community. Through this sharing we realize we are not alone, and there are boundless positive and rewarding ways to move forward with out lives even though we have a hole in our hearts.-Diana

I just listened to the incredible interview with Jesse about parent loss. Isn’t he delightful? Wow-I seriously believe his story will touch a lot of people. You two are the bet interviewers ever!-Beth