There were 2 angels sent from heaven to earth, just lent to us for a brief time. During that time, the angels showed others the meaning of love, caring and compassion. The first angel was called home 10 months ago and was my sister Laurie. She was an angel through and through with a heart that shone of pure gold to those that knew here. Her departure from here was sudden and unexpected.

Although she was greatly missed, we understood that she needed to fly free, unencumbered and to be in heaven with those she had loved and lost. The second angel was my sister Patti who was called back to heaven 2 days ago. She was an angel encumbered by a body that betrayed her. One that was at odds with her free spirit, and one that held her hostage for many years of her life. And although she had a body that was broken, her spirit never was. Now her spirit is free to fly.As free as the roller-coasters she once loved so much, as free as the adrenaline that once flowed through her veins when skiing or skydiving or the such. She will be greatly missed and grieved.

Now the one left behind, has no more sisters on earth to guide her. Her eldest sisters have gone on ahead to make a path from heaven to earth. A path that leads the way to an area now unknown. Now the guidance from my angels that have gone before me comes in the form of hints, and vague thoughts and brushes of mere presence when least expected. Now the youngest sister must be the Eldest, an Adult, and forage through the world on her own. And She Will. And one day, she will meet those angels that went before her and then there will be rejoicing loud enough for the world to hear.

Love to Patti and Laurie from your littlest sister Shari

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