A Father’s Love is Eternal

When I was a child, I loved to spend time with my father. Being the youngest girl in a large family, I learned early in life that if I wanted his undivided attention, it was up to me to be with him when he was alone. One misty morning as I tagged beside him on his walk to the far pasture, I heard my first echo. As my dad called to the cattle, his words returned. Fascinated, I tried. What I sent, I received.

Numerous times throughout my life I have pondered the Law of the Echo. What we send out returns to us. When we holler “hello” into a rain barrel, “hello/; comes back. When we holler “love” into the rain barrel “love,” comes back. The universe is a giant rain barrel from which the echo returns in the form that it is sent forth from us.

I was again privileged to witness the effects of the Law of the Echo during my father’s dying. My last visit with him began three days before his passing. I had known him as a man of few words, so the intensity and depth of the conversation we shared about the life we had spent together marked me indelibly. My father stressed that he wished he had been able to do more for me, to give me more. My simple response, “Daddy, you gave me life; you gave me love; you gave me my education. I could ask for nothing more,” affirmed the roles that he had played in my life.

Little more needed saying. My father was able to rest, knowing that he could now bless the aspects of life that he had shared with me. I, in turn, was able to bless those pieces of life that I had shared with him.

During my mother’s dying, I became aware that the effects of the Law of the Echo are eternal. Her frequent comments about seeing departed loved ones, including my son, and about how she was receiving guidance from my father, helped me to understand that love continues beyond the grave. In those precious moments, I learned that what we send from us in thoughts and in actions not only returns to us in like-manner during our life time but that the energy created also crosses the dimensions of time and space.

The assurance that my son and father were present and offering assistance helped me to allow my mother to be fully engaged in preparing for her time of transition. They were there to meet her needs, but their presence added another dimension to my own healing. After my son’s death, I had an intense longing to mend my family circle. For years, my life felt broken, and my family seemed incomplete. Someone was always missing; nothing, it seemed, could fill the void. My father’s and son’s presence at my mother’s side proved to be the glue that my soul needed to weld generational bonds and mend our family circle.

It is my hope that the sharing of these intimate memories of my relationship with my father during his life, his dying and since his death has helped to stimulate rich thoughts and memories of your relationship with your own father. I also hope that by describing the impact of my father’s teachings, I have affirmed for all fathers the far-reaching effects of their positive role modeling and fathering efforts.


Jane Simington

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Dr. Jane A. Simington, Ph. D., is a bereaved mother, a grief and trauma management specialist. She is the owner of Taking Flight International Corporation and the developer of both the Trauma Recovery Certification Program and the Grief Support Certification Program. She is the president of the Canadian Association of Trauma Recovery Providers. Therapist and professor, she combines her background in both Nursing and Psychology, with her own experiences of grief, trauma, growth and transformation, with an extensive knowledge of complimentary healing methods. A frequent media guest she has been featured on hundreds of radio programs and print features as well as a number of television appearances. Dr. Simington is a frequent keynote and conference presenter. Jane’s work is featured in her internationally sold books, Journey to the Sacred: Mending a Fractured Soul, and soon to be released Through Souls Eyes,(endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel and Dr. Joan Borysenko, the booklet, Responding Soul to Soul, the award winning films, Listening to Soul Pain and Healing Soul Pain and on the CD’s, Journey to Healing, Releasing Ties That Bind, and Retrieving Lost Soul Parts. Dr. Jane A. Simington has been awarded the YWCA Woman of Distinction for Health & Medicine, Global Television’s Woman of Vision. She has been profiled as the “Nurse to Know” in The Canadian Nurse Journal, and as an Alumnus Acknowledge in the Green and White, The University of Saskatchewan Alumni News. In June, 2012, Jane was honored by CARNA and presented the prestigious Life-Time Achievement Award

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