Kimberly Wencl

I am a 56-year old wife and mother living in Minnesota. My life changed on 9-20-03 when my 20-year old daughter, Elizabeth, died very tragically, very suddenly, and very unexpectedly. My daughter's death set me on a path I could have never imagined for myself. And, I am still on that same path today, over seven years later. In 2009, I retired from my job in the business world of 35 years. I now write and speak at every opportunity, in addition to volunteering at my church and in my community. I have had my true stories published in these magazines: Midwest Caregiver 12/08; Angels on Earth 10/09; You Need Never Walk Alone, 3/10; Campus Firewatch 10/09. My story is also included in the book, True Stories of Messages From Beyond by Julie Aydlott & Friends. My website is entitled, Love Lives On. I am also a writer for the website Owning Pink. (,and I have been a guest writer for the website FemCentral (, and Triumph of the Spirit ( In addition, I have done several pieces on TV and radio. You can reach me through


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