Anne Hamilton

Anne Hamilton lost her best friend Curtis in a head-on car accident in 1979, two weeks after his high school graduation. Her emotional life became frozen and she has spent the last thirty-two years exploring all areas of self-expression, particularly through stage plays, poetry, theatre, art, and music. She is currently developing her own chamber-play-with-dance entitled ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT, about the way that grief moves through the body. As a professional dramaturg and script developer in New York City for the past 20 years, Anne has helped leading writers and performers in all fields to express their grief, loss, hope and recovery in works of art through her website and her blog She wrote a full-length play called THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I which features a character who loses her teenage love interest in a car accident. Kathleen Chalfant played Stacy in an excerpt from the play in NYC in 2009. The play has since won places in an international juried literary exhibition and a national playwrighting competition. Anne is currently adapting it into a screenplay. Anne is an award-winning Columbia University graduate and the Founder of Hamilton Dramaturgy. To ask Anne for help on developing your own play, screenplay, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, please contact her at [email protected]


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