On Robin Williams’ Death

On Robin Williams’ Death


Robin Williams had a life force that he shared with everyone.

It is clear, from his outpouring of words and actions as an actor and comedian, that his inner life was fast and furious. Sometimes the body just can’t contain the pure frenzy of your inner life and you can’t calm down. Depression isn’t always paralysis and inactivity. Sometimes there is so much going on on the inside that you get paralyzed because you can’t process the thoughts, impulses, and urges with what turns out to be the woefully inadequate resources of your body.

No one could know what Mr. Robbins felt inside, but many loved him from the outside. Sometimes that love is not enough to cover – or balance out – the pain that you feel on the inside. The constant 24/7 effort to balance your inner life with the demands and opportunities of your outer world can be exhausting. It is clear that he tried as hard as he could in every way possible, for many years. But the body is not a machine, and he might have become worn out by the effort, yet unable to slow down or rest, causing an insurmountable crisis. I don’t know, and no one will ever know.

We can only enjoy a talent like his for as long as we can, and support people like him as much as we can. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Anne Hamilton, M.F.A.


Anne Hamilton

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Anne Hamilton lost her best friend Curtis in a head-on car accident in 1979, two weeks after his high school graduation. Her emotional life became frozen and she has spent the last thirty-two years exploring all areas of self-expression, particularly through stage plays, poetry, theatre, art, and music. She is currently developing her own chamber-play-with-dance entitled ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT, about the way that grief moves through the body. As a professional dramaturg and script developer in New York City for the past 20 years, Anne has helped leading writers and performers in all fields to express their grief, loss, hope and recovery in works of art through her website www.hamiltonlit.com and her blog http://hamiltondramaturgy.wordpress.com She wrote a full-length play called THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I which features a character who loses her teenage love interest in a car accident. Kathleen Chalfant played Stacy in an excerpt from the play in NYC in 2009. The play has since won places in an international juried literary exhibition and a national playwrighting competition. Anne is currently adapting it into a screenplay. Anne is an award-winning Columbia University graduate and the Founder of Hamilton Dramaturgy. To ask Anne for help on developing your own play, screenplay, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, please contact her at [email protected]

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