Annah Elizabeth

Annah Elizabeth is The Five Facets founder and creator of The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing™, a groundbreaking guide that helps us live our best personal, professional, and philanthropic lives, even in the face of extreme adversity. She is a School of Nursing guest lecturer, a Continuing Ed instructor, and has experience working with all age groups. She is a published author; a TEDx, community, and keynote speaker; a personal coach, energy healer, and workshop facilitator. Her writings and work have been featured in numerous online magazines, radio programs, and national live events. Annah’s wellness solutions empower the grieving with tips, strategies, and resources that support them in both the active grief phase and on to their ultimate transition beyond bereavement. Motivated by personal tragedies including the death of her firstborn, miscarriages, infidelity, and severe depression—Annah Elizabeth set out to uncover the secrets that allow us to triumph over tragedy. Her programs include academic and alternative modalities, all designed to meet the unique and preferred needs of each individual. She is certified at the Master Instructor-Teacher levels in Integrated Energy Therapy® and Reiki and is a certified Medical Reiki Master. The strength of Annah's voice lies in a hope that transports us all into the realm of possibility and peace. She lives in upstate New York with her husband and numerous pets, but that is just geography for Annah feels at home wherever her life and her work lead her. She is the proud mother of four, charming and witty children in varying states of independence; three here on Earth and one in Heaven. She enjoys those precious moments catching up with her children, empowering and helping others heal worlds of hurt, hugs, nature, numbers, reading, and meeting and working with new people. She believes we are all neighbors and that a stranger is merely a friend you haven’t yet met. Learn more and join her networking neighborhoods via her Website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:


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