Christa Scalies

Christa Scalies’ mission is to promote the use of laughter as a tool to help others improve their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Her greatest joy lies in encouraging people to overcome adversity, stress, and grief. Christa’s personal mantra of resilience and playfulness, “Don’t Give Up, Giggle On®”, was born in part from personal loss of a friend to suicide and her own struggles with depression. As Chief Laughter Officer and Founder of Giggle On®, she works as fitness instructor & educator, keynote & motivational speaker and facilitator of workshops and seminars. Christa has a talent for helping people maximize teamwork, productivity and learning. She boosts the energy of groups by artfully mixing her dynamic motivational speaking skills with playful and unconditional-laughter centered fitness. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). She is currently enrolled in Grief Recovery Method Certification training scheduled for August 2013 and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher training in November 2013. Christa also works as an advocate in the field of mental health, suicide prevention and suicide survivor support. She recently completed ASIST suicide prevention training through the Mental Health Association of Delaware. Her e-book, “Suicide Sucks: Move through the Pain of Suicide Loss and Learn to Laugh Again” is available now for free. Get your copy now. Christa is an established businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Dahlink Financial Corporation, a Wilmington-based financial company. She is also a philanthropist who has helped raise thousands of dollars for local charities and donated her own time and resources to a variety of non-profits in the local and national arena. Christa is a proud Philadelphia-area native, graduate of Temple University, and she currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware with her beloved boxer dog, Rosie.


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