Danita Ogandaga

Danita Ogandaga (www.danitaogandaga.com) is a Social Worker turned authority on grief and restoration who teaches on the orphan spirit and emotional healing illustrating with her powerful life story and traumatic experiences how you can overcome obstacles, recover from grief and root pain, and give birth to the purpose that is within you. At the heart of her books, online community seminars and courses is the importance of achieving authenticity within yourself. Today, Danita and her husband, Darcy, travel internationally and hold annual Activation Tour Seminars all over the world helping teaching creatives, entrepreneurs, families, and leaders to heal from grief, organize life's transitions, activate their creativity, and monetize their gifts via social media. They live near Atlanta, Georgia with their three children.


Life is NOT About Rainbows and Unicorns

Do you remember your life as a child in elementary school? The times when you would run on the playground with a kite in your hand and just run, with […]

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