Faith Wilcox

I had a journey from shock and fear at my young daughter’s cancer diagnosis to anguish and despair at her death just a year later, and finally to peace and acceptance of my new life. When my thirteen-year-old Elizabeth was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer, I was in awe of my courageous child, who faced her plight straight on and inspired all who met her. Despite an army of medical professionals who provided innovative care for Elizabeth, she died, and I and my surviving daughter, Olivia, were thrown into a maelstrom of grief, yet we found unexpected comfort in the arms of our family, friends, and community. I faced another shock when I had my own cancer diagnosis while navigating the uncharted waters of a life I never expected. In time, I discovered moments and places of comfort and peace, and I slowly changed from a mother in despair to a woman with hope for the future. At turns, heartbreaking and heartwarming, my story reveals how abiding love can heal a family. To learn more about my story go to


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8 Ways to Find Comfort When Grieving

Find Comfort When Grieving Have you ever thought you’d find comfort again when grieving the death of a child? Has grief left you bereft, feeling that relief is beyond your […]

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Discovering Lifelines While Grieving

Lifelines can rescue you after the death of a loved one. I understand this firsthand. Why? Because my thirteen-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, was treated for one year for a rare pediatric […]

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