Gary Sturgis

Gary Sturgis survived the greatest loss of his life and now works as a Grief Specialist, Bereavement Facilitator and Speaker, guiding and supporting others in their struggle with grief. Facilitating both Support Groups and Workshops, he finds it a gift to be able to help others navigate their way through the maze of grief in a very personal and meaningful way. He lives by the ocean in Plymouth, Massachusetts.


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From Married to Widowed: Can You Know How I Feel?

From Married to Widowed Shortly after the death of my spouse, I was filling out a form at the bank. One of the questions was what my “status” was. In […]

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‘Why Me?’: Surviving Partner Loss

Daily Reminder of Surviving Partner Loss   I was at the post office picking up the mail a couple of weeks after my loss. It was always such a painful […]

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