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My name is Jackie Keibler. With many years of experience as a content manager and a blogger, I love to express my opinions in aspects of life, particularly self-improvement. I also love to share all my knowledge and experience with those who have experienced profound loss to help them deal with loss. As a writer, I have read many useful articles about hope, belief, loss, and even pain. I gain useful experience from everyone all around the world. I understand it’s difficult to overcome all, but if we have hope, we can improve our lives. Currently, I am also working at Couponxoo.com (https://www.couponxoo.com/).


No One Knows When Coronavirus Goes Away, But Don’t Lose Hope!

As you know, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has now spread to every continent. Watching a video clip of people in Wuhan where the epidemic vented, shouting “Wuhan fighting” together through […]

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