Kelly Grosklags

Kelly Grosklags, LICSW BCD FAAGC is author of “A Comforted Heart: An oncology psychotherapist’s perspective on finding meaning and hope during grief and loss.” In her 25 years of experience, Kelly has helped patients, families, caregivers, and clinicians understand and cope with grief, loss, and traumatic illness. Kelly founded an online forum of hope and healing, called “Conversations with Kelly .” She is also the award-winning filmmaker behind a ground-breaking educational documentary titled “Dying Is Not Giving Up ” which aims to teach compassion and empathy to future medical providers. Kelly is an international speaker, podcast host and social media blogger. For more information on Kelly, her work, and her healing community visit


Valentine’s Day and Grief are Connected

Valentine’s Day and Grief Valentine’s Day and grief can be a very tender combination. This is a commercialized holiday, and it has a strong presence in the stores, social media, […]

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Emotions During COVID-19

Fear of Hoping is Obstacle to Grieving

Many people have a difficult relationship with the word hope. They have a fear of hoping. Someone asked me recently, “Does it take courage to hope?” The short answer is […]

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The Difference Between Healing and Curing

There is a difference between healing and curing. We cannot change a diagnosis or a loss that has occurred. We cannot be sure that we will be cured. But we […]

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