Kerry Phillips

Kerry was widowed in 2012 at age 32. Determined to not allow grief to drag her under or for death to get a ‘bonus’ spouse, she vowed to successfully navigate widowhood, despite not knowing any peers who had lost a spouse.In 2015, she realized there wasn’t a forum for widows and widowers wanting to venture back into the world of dating and started Young, Widowed & Dating. The online support group provides a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment for the widowed community to share their dating adventures.Her weekly blog of the same name covers topics ranging from relationships with in-laws to dating while raising children and everything in between. Kerry is also a blogger for Hope for Widows Foundation, a nonprofit organization which provides peer to peer support, and a former contributor to HuffPost, where she covered topics such as widowhood, loss, and grieving.She continues to advocate for the widowed community as well as educate non-widows about the nuances of loss and grief. She is the author of “Writing & Widowing: Journaling the Journey”, journal prompts designed specifically for those who have lost a spouse, and is featured in the book, “Widowed but not Wounded: The Hustle & Flow of 13 Resilient Black Widowed Women” which was released in December 2017.You can learn more about her by visiting www.YoungWidowedandDating.com.



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