Widowhood is already isolating, and now with social distancing, it can be an even lonelier existence. Here are a few tips to stay active, engaged, and connected:

  1. Remember this too shall pass – Though it might get worst before it gets better, know we will get to a place where the coronavirus can be managed. Try taking things day by day, and when necessary, turn off the news.
  2. Find your tribe – With so many of us now confined to our homes, it’s the perfect time to find the support group that works for you. There’s a group for every stage and phase of your grief. From those who are new to grief to those who have remarried post-loss.
  3. Get Outdoors – While social distancing is vital to preventing the spread of the coronavirus, it’s also important to get some much-needed physical activity. Go for a walk, hike, or jog. The fresh air will do wonders for your spirit. Just be sure to maintain a distance of six-feet between you and other walkers.
  4. Connect with your widowed community – If you’ve already found your tribe, you probably have the most amazing friends spread across the country. You’re used to connecting via phone calls and FaceTime. But, why not host a Netflix party or virtual happy hour? It’s a great way to add some fun!
  5. Attend a live concert – The coronavirus outbreak has caused us to look at technology a bit differently. Artists are now performing live from their home studios. Check out your favorite musician’s social media page to see if any concerts are planned.
  6. Journal – It’s an overwhelming time for so many dealing with loss and grief. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts, give them a voice. Put pen to paper and start journaling. You never know, you might work up enough courage to start that blog you’ve been thinking about!
  7. Discover a podcast – Are you in murder mysteries, documentaries, or sci-fi? There’s a podcast for that. Listening to podcasts is a great way to temporarily disconnect from your grief and what’s going on in the world.
  8. Start a new business – With so many people being laid off or having their hours reduced, it’s the perfect time to work on the business you’ve been wanting to start. Or, you can now commit more hours to your side gig.
  9. Put your skills and talents to work – If you’re a good teacher, consider tutoring to supplement your income. Play an instrument, offer private lessons. One out of work esthetician started offering beauty consulting via video chats!
  10. Take an online course – There are numerous opportunities for educational pursuits offered online am and best of all, they are completely free! From Yale to your local community college, there’s a variety of subject matters to explore.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your therapist or support circle should you feel overwhelmed. We’re all in this together!

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Kerry Phillips

Kerry was widowed at age 32. She is the author of “Letters to the Widowed Community” and “The One Thing: 100 Widows Share Lessons on Love, Loss and Life.” In 2015, she realized there wasn’t a forum for widows and widowers wanting to venture back into the world of dating and started Young, Widowed & Dating. The online support group provides a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment for the widowed community to share their dating adventures. Her blog of the same name covers topics ranging from relationships with in-laws to dating while raising children and everything in between.

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