Kimberly Kirby-Bass

Kim Bass is a Life and Grief Coach whose life journey lead her to the field of coaching after the deaths of her beloved mother and grandmother within a few months of each other. During her own journey of grief, Kim used the life lessons taught to her by these extraordinary women and her own spiritual beliefs and values to navigate her life after such significant losses. As Kim began to heal and put the pieces of her life back together, she realized others are suffering and find themselves in the same hole, feeling as if there is no way out. Kim realized that it is her purpose to share her experience and knowledge about the grief process to help others find their way and learn to live life after. Throughout Kim’s life, she has always had an optimistic personality and a strong desire to help others. Often her grandmother would tease that “Kim would give the shirt off of her back if we would let her.” It is this same spirit and personality that Kim shares with her clients. Her training as a life coach, and experience as a trainer and motivator has given her the tools to help anyone who feels burdened by the circumstances of life to gain a new perspective and help them regain hope and a plan for the future.


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