Lisa K. Boehm

December 8, 2015 changed everything for Lisa Boehm. It was the night that defined time as before or after. That night her daughter Katie left the house to meet friends and collided with a semi-truck trailer. When the officer and coroner delivered this devastating news to Lisa and her husband and son, they leaned in and held on tight for the most challenging times of their lives. Lisa wanted so badly for someone to tell her what to do but couldn't find the resources that provided that. She found that writing provided an outlet for her fears, anger, and extreme grief. In time, she realized that her journal held the resources that she had been looking for. Lisa is learning to live with the unspeakable heartbreak of child loss. While she has found the journey through grief to be very lonely and challenging at times, she knew from the first moment that she wanted to feel joy again and live her life in a way that would make her daughter proud. Lisa has found a healthy way to live with the heaviness, stay positive, and keep moving forward even on the darkest days. She loves to share and connect with other mothers and support them as they move through their grief and pain so that they can find peace and comfort. Lisa and her husband live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and have two children, Ryan and Katie who is in Heaven. You can find her book on Amazon:


Connecting to your Deceased Child’s Spirit

Grief after child loss is not only about the immense ‘missing’. It’s also about finding a new way to feel connected to your child. It’s about finding new ways to […]

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‘Because of You’: Letter to a Daughter Who Has Died

Dear Katie, Losing you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. It broke me into a million pieces, but I knew you didn’t want me to stay […]

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What Grief Has Taught Me

My daughter Katie is now in heaven. Everything is new. Everything is different. Everything is devastatingly difficult. I’ve learned to walk, breathe, and exist without letting grief keep me down, […]

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Gratitude and Grief – Is it Possible?

My experience with gratitude began about five minutes after the police and coroner visited our home the night my daughter Katie died. I remember being thankful that she died instantly. […]

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