Norman Fried

Norman J. Fried, Ph.D., is director of psycho-social services for the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Winthrop University on Long Island, New York. A clinical psychologist with graduate degrees from Emory University, he has also taught in the medical schools of New York University and St. John's University, and has been a fellow in clinical and pediatric psychology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Fried is a Disaster Mental Health Specialist for The American Red Cross of Greater New York, and he has a private practice in grief and bereavement counseling on Long Island. He is married with three sons and lives in Roslyn, New York.


Memory as Medicine: How One Heals After a Trauma

By Norman Fried — A research study from a group of Chinese scientists reports a new drug that successfully erases memories from the minds of mice. The study reveals a […]

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The Poetry of Death: Can It Comfort Us?

By Norman Fried — Modern poetry has often found a critical muse in the concept of death. In words apocryphal or mundane, spiritual or skeptical, modern poets have used their […]

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How Families Survive Trauma and Loss

By Norman Fried — What are the lessons that trauma, loss and recovery can teach us about family relationships? And what are the changes that occur in families that have […]

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Survivors of 9/11: Rediscovering the Heroes Inside

By Norman Fried In her front page article in Wednesday’s New York Times, Anemona Hartocollis reports on the current lives of some of the survivors of the September 11 attacks […]

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9/11 and the ‘Shelf Life’ of Grief

By Norman Fried It is a widely accepted belief that, as time passes, mourners’ responses to loss and trauma change. We understand that the physical reactions of grief, including psychomotor […]

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The Story Of Gana: What Animals Teach About Grief

By Norman Fried Last week, the internet and newspapers across Europe and America posted pictures of an 11-year-old gorilla named Gana clutching the corpse of her 3-month-old baby Claudio for […]

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The Lessons of Father’s Day

Norman Fried – June 16th, 2007 In the weeks and months after the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center, many New York newspapers published intimate articles about […]

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