Peggy Bell

Peggy Bell is a retired educator with forty years of teaching experience, as well as an author and bestselling co-author. After retirement, Peggy wanted to do more with her life, while continuing to add value to the lives of others. She became a certified personal development coach. Having been a widow herself and knowing first-hand the pain of losing a spouse, she started an online support group for widows and wrote a book called, Life After Loss for Widows: Lifting the Veil of Grief. Peggy also empowers women who are overcome with self-doubt to discover their inner truths and thrive in life according to their terms. Peggy is a firm believer that it is never too late to go after your dreams. For more information visit


5 Reasons to Still Celebrate This Holiday Season Even Though You’re Grieving

Sometimes after losing our spouse, it is difficult to find things to be happy about. In the early stages of our grief, finding anything good in our life requires coming […]

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Why Grievers Must Be Extra Cautious During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Losing a spouse brings on so much grief. You feel torn apart, depressed, and sometimes unattached from the people around you. Just getting through the day can sometimes be an […]

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What Is Broken Heart Syndrome?

Research tells us that grief is one of the most stressful events we will ever experience in our lifetime. If you have ever lost a spouse, you understand the pain […]

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Returning to ‘Single’ after the Loss of a Spouse

Excerpt from Life After Loss For Widows: Lifting the Veil of Grief I remember this one incident so well. A little over a year after losing Randy, I was enrolling […]

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Ten Ways To Keep Your Spouse’s Memory Alive

Becoming widowed is a gut-wrenching experience. It brings so much sadness and loneliness to our lives. It takes a huge adjustment to get through those days along the grief journey. […]

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When a Spouse Didn’t Get To Say Goodbye

Depending on the circumstances behind your husband’s death, one of the regrets you may have is the fact that you did not get to say goodbye.  Everything ended abruptly and […]

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