Tom Hallman

New to writing, Tom finds great pleasure in the fact that others enjoy his words so well. A student of life, her hardships and many joys Tom started writing late in life not only to share experiences, strengths and hopes. But to share the world through his words and expression. Tom is a semi retired craftsman. active artist and part time writer. Published on Amazon for Kindle you can find a collection of essay's by Tom titled "11:11 HALLELUJAH....Take Me Home " as well as several short stories printed in various publications.Tom is also known as an advocate for labor as well as the homeless. Recently Tom has relocated back to S.W. Virginia to concentrate on his Grandchildren first then his passion for writing and the arts.


Spring: Memories of Love, a Chance for New Growth

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” ― Pablo Neruda   Spring rain brings May flowers This was my partner Kim’s favorite time of […]

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