“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

Pablo Neruda


Spring rain brings May flowers

This was my partner Kim’s favorite time of year. I watch her child-like actions as the flowers bloom and the trees bud. She knew the names of them all, closing her eyes while taking a deep breath, naming each fragrance as she exhaled again, like a little one in a candy store. She was in awe and amazement as if it were her first time experiencing spring’s natural wonders.

Quite the Gardener she was

The flower beds tended to the very last details. I regret that I didn’t pay enough attention to the names of each flower. There were way more than the standard Tulips, Daffodils and Roses. The bedding was exactly that, a bed for her delicate little wonders to grow, being nourished by the rain and pampered by the tender.

I was never allowed to enter the gardens. My duties were to push the wheelbarrows full of mulch and to discard the waste. That was fine with me as it allowed me to be a spectator in the arena of Spring with her as grand master, conductor of a symphony of beauty and celebration of spring’s finest.

It wasn’t just the flowers of spring that brought her so much joy. As the weather warmed the wildlife returned, nesting, making ready for their new arrivals. Squirrels, the birds and the bees, especially the Turtle Doves. She was excited to see two in the yard doing Turtle Dove things, cooing, feeding, courting as two teenagers new to love.

She told me that Turtle Doves were special because once they mated it was for life. Should something happen to one the other would spend the rest of their days alone thinking of the other. I know now what I didn’t know then as she taught me of flower gardening along with the birds and the bees. She would also say how sad it was that in loss one would be left all alone, with no other to love.

She made me agree that should this happen to us that I promise not to spend my days alone in grief. She would always be there watching over me. “You find yourself someone and love again,” she said in her best bossy tone. I never thought twice about it until the spring after she was gone. But I have never seen two Turtle Doves together like teenagers in love since. Every time I see only one, I know it is her, watching my every move in her curious way, reminding me of our promise to move on.

Once a dove has flown into your life, she remains as a guardian of sorts, to remind you of days that have passed and of promises that have been made, bound in eternal contract. The agreement to spread your wings and fly, soaring on warm spring thermals as they lift you up like a warm embrace, almost waltzing in a grand ball as you soar along.

Sweet Spring Rain

As I write this, the rains of Spring have been pouring down for the past two days with the promise of yet another. I’ve heard many say what a dreary day it is. I disagree. We all need the rain. The flowers, the trees, the birds and the bees and yes even you and I and the Turtle Doves need it to grow, not to wash away yesterday but to nourish today.

With the promise of tomorrow, we all know the sun will return, giving us the warmth we all need to grow. Just as love does.

I smiled just the other day as I watched two Turtle Doves. Acting as teenagers in love and doing Turtle Dove things.


Tom Hallman

New to writing, Tom finds great pleasure in the fact that others enjoy his words so well. A student of life, her hardships and many joys Tom started writing late in life not only to share experiences, strengths and hopes. But to share the world through his words and expression. Tom is a semi retired craftsman. active artist and part time writer. Published on Amazon for Kindle you can find a collection of essay's by Tom titled "11:11 HALLELUJAH....Take Me Home " as well as several short stories printed in various publications.Tom is also known as an advocate for labor as well as the homeless. Recently Tom has relocated back to S.W. Virginia to concentrate on his Grandchildren first then his passion for writing and the arts.

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