Speaking with the Heart Strings group was different than any assignment I can remember. These ladies share a journey no one would ever sign up for, the loss of a child. There are no words to describe the unquenchable sorrow their families have experienced, yet somehow in this room, I could sense there was still hope.

The monthly meetings offer a safe place to talk, share pictures and honor the lives of precious children with people who understand. At Heart Strings, it’s okay to cry, but it’s also okay to laugh.

I asked the group if they knew of any helpful resources for others who have experienced profound loss. Their response was a resounding, yes! They had found a treasure I had not yet discovered, Sarah Young’s devotion book, “Jesus Calling.”

Regardless of their faith background, the women seemed to agree this book was something special. One mom told me the daily messages often speak the exact words she needs to hear to give her hope for the day.

The next morning I bought my first copy. Since then, I buy ten at a time. I love the way the brief devotional messages offer nuggets of truth, backed by God’s word. ”Jesus Calling” is not just for people who are grieving, but can bring encouragement to anyone. Don’t miss this timeless treasure! There’s even an app for your smartphone. http://thejesuscallingapp.com/

I’m grateful for groups like Heart Strings and The Compassionate Friends- sharing life and hope with other families who have lost a child.

Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall

Beth Marshall is a freelance journalist, speaker and author of two grief-related books. Grief Survivor, 28 Steps toward Hope and Healing; and A Time to Heal, a grief journal. After losing three close people in her life, Beth felt crushed and overwhelmed by the intense emotions of grief. As she began to write about her "uniquely awesome" family members, Marshall eventually began to smile again- and even laugh. Her hope is to help others discover joy-filled life after loss.

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