My daughter always woke me up by climbing into bed with me, wiggling her toes into me, and touching her nose to mine. Then when I opened my eyes she would break into this smile wrinkle her nose and laugh, some times so hard she would snort which would make both of us laugh harder. She is gone now she was just right there swimming next to us and just swam off a bit. Now she is gone , why …? She is 7.she is my only daughter. Yes I still have my two boys 11 and 3.I want my whole family !!! She died Saterday 28. I have not been able to go more than maybe 30 min. without crying. I start when I see something of hers and being a 7 year old girl her stuff is everywhere I have slept a little bit, I am using her cuddly blanket, she loved it so much. I just want to see her crinkled up freckeled nose. I miss her.

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