Byron KatieTime Magazine ?100 Innovators: The Next Wave? Byron Katie to be interviewed by ?Healing the Grieving Heart? Hosts, Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley on January 11th, 2007.

New York, New York and San Francisco, California ? Nationally renown author, speaker and motivator Byron Katie will join Drs. Gloria & Heidi Horsley on their nationally syndicated talk radio program ?Healing the Grieving Heart? January 11th, 9 AM PST/12 Noon EST.

?Our audience is ecstatic about Katie joining us to talk about The Work and her upcoming book A Thousand Names for Joy. Her message of self-inquiry and hope have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world dealing with a variety of issues in their lives, and is an especially important

Byron Katie - A Thousand Names for JoyByron Katie lived an “ordinary American life,” until her late thirties, when she began to suffer from depression and anxiety. Her condition worsened until she found it difficult get out of bed, relate to her family, or work. Then one day, without apparent cause, she had a life-changing experience. In her words, “I saw clearly, irrevocably, that everything was backward, upside down from what I believed. My thinking had opposed everything as it truly was and reacted with stories of how I thought it should be. “My husband should be more honest.”

“My children should respect me more.” Now I saw that instead of seeing what was happening, I was placing conditions on what was happening – as if I had the ability to dictate reality.

It was clear to me now that the truth was the extreme opposite. My husband should not be more honest – because he wasn’t. My children shouldn’t respect me more – because they didn’t. Instantly I became a lover of reality. I noticed that this felt more natural, more peaceful.”

She has developed a method of self-realization based on this experience which she teaches at workshops and seminars around the world. Throughout North America and Europe, Byron Katie International offers free events in which Katie does The Work with as many audience members as time allows. It also offers two-day intensives and the nine-day School for The Work with Byron Katie. The Work of Byron Katie Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides educational materials free to all who request them and sponsors the training of educators, therapists, and prison-workers.

She is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. Byron Katie is married to the poet and translator, Stephen Mitchell, who co-authored her first book, “Loving What Is.”

Dr. Heidi Horsley herself is a bereaved sibling whose 17 year old brother, Scott died in an automobile accident when she was 20 yrs. old. Currently she is an adjunct professor teaching several graduate courses at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, including Intervention for Grief, Loss and Bereavement. In addition, she works with families that lost a firefighter in the World Trade Center attacks.

Dr. Horsley co-hosts the nationally syndicated ?Healing the Grieving Heart? radio show, broadcast on local radio stations and syndicated live every Thursday 9 AM PST ? 12 Noon EST and is rebroadcast on The VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Network. The show can be accessed at .

About Dr. Heidi Horsley

Dr. Horsley, PsyD, MSW holds a doctorate degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, a masters degree in social work from Columbia University and a masters degree in mental health counseling from Loyola University in New Orleans. Dr. Horsley is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and a Psychologist and co-investigator for the FDNY-CSU/ Columbia University Family Guidance Program assisting families of 9/11.

Dr. Horsley currently lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

About Dr. Gloria Horsley

Dr. Gloria C. Horsley, PHD, MFT, CNS is a bereaved parent, and has worked in the field of family therapy for over twenty years. She holds graduate degrees from the University of Rochester, Syracuse, Greenwich and Holos Universities.

Dr. Gloria serves The Compassionate Friends ( in a number of roles, including as a Board Director. She frequently serves as a media spokesperson for TCF in her dual role as a bereaved parent and professional. Dr. Horsley has a strong commitment to the education and the betterment of the world.

Dr. Horsley resides in San Francisco, California, with her husband Phil. They have three daughters and ten grandchildren.


Dr. Heidi Horsley


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