How Can I Connect With My Child-In-Spirit?

If you are reading this article, let me first say that I am so sorry for your loss. No one understands the wounds of loss better than another bereaved parent. Nothing is more devastating than attending your own child’s funeral and I’m sorry to be welcoming you to this club.

That said, let me share with you the one piece of good news that may allow you to breathe again: What you lose in the flesh you can find in the spirit, for spirit is eternal and death comes only to the body.  I know this, not because of religious belief or doctrine, but because of direct experience with my son Danny, who passed on July 1, 2008 from an overdose.

Since that harrowing day when my husband and I found Danny in his apartment, Danny has made his presence known to me in so many ways, that I’d have to be in denial NOT to accept that it is truly him!

I do believe that we have all been blind-sided into believing that only the physical world is real and that what is real must be seen with our eyes. As a result of this “single vision” perspective, we are prevented from acknowledging the vast and beautiful realm of spirit, which is where our children are now and where we will be one day. It’s a travesty, because so much pain and suffering grow out of from this limited perspective.

We have much to explore and learn and once you have a child-in-spirit, the need to learn becomes critical. “Where is my child and is he or she okay” is what I call the parental mantra and it never stops running through our hearts and minds, and so we are set on a path to learn as much as we can about the realm of spirit. I would recommend to those of you who wish to make a connection to a loved one-in-spirit to purchase a copy of my own book, “Lost and Found—A Mother Connects-Up With Her Child In Spirit” for it will lead you in that direction.

The other thing I recommend is registering your deceased child for prayer with The Prayer Registry. The Prayer Registry is a free service for all bereaved parents. When you register your child with TPR, his or her name is printed on The Prayer Registry Calendars and every year on the passing date of your child, he or she (as well as you and your family), will receive prayers from the entire Prayer Team, which is made up bereaved parents who care about each other and each other’s children. In this way, we make sure that no one in this situation goes through an anniversary date alone, but instead with the support of many.

Each member of The Prayer Team receives an email every night to let them know who is being held-in-prayer the next day and in this way we are able to stay united and focused on our intention to send prayer to the children. Being a part of TPR gives each of us support and strength on the hardest day of the year, the anniversary day of our child’s passing. Beyond that is the gift of energy and love that goes directly to our children-in-spirit!

To registry your child for prayer send their full name and passing date to Sheri at: [email protected] I will take care of the rest and get back to you to let you know how you can find your child’s name on the calendar, as well as how we work as a group. All bereaved parents are welcome to join us! Note that there are 2 r’s right in a row in TPR email address.

Once you become a member of TPR you become eligible for discount readings with a wonderfully gifted medium who does her readings over the phone and on Skype to anywhere in the world. TPR also provides a few scholarship readings for those who cannot afford the discounted price.

Lastly, I would like to let you know about “The Grieving Parents Handbook” which is available at my website: as a free download. This little book was written by me and a group of bereaved mothers who wish to lend a hand to others coping with loss.

I know that this is a terrible time for you and my heart goes out to you, knowing only too well how I felt, and sometimes still feel. However, I also want to tell you that I no longer doubt that Danny walks by my side and shares my life with me. It’s not the same, of course, because I can’t see him, but I do have an ongoing relationship with him and I believe that anyone who desires this, can do the same.

What has been lost, can be found and as far as I am concerned, finding in the spirit what you have lost in the flesh is the only real solace!

Sheri Perl


Sheri Perl

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Sheri Perl is a spiritual healer and counselor, author, teacher, and interfaith minister. She became involved in spiritualism in a desperate attempt to save her life. At age sixteen, Sheri was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After years of medical treatment, she was fighting for her life on the operating table. While recovering from surgery, a second illness contracted through blood transfusions was declared fatal. At this time Sheri contacted British spiritual healer, Harry Edwards, “purely out of desperation.” To her amazement, the healing stopped her illness in its tracks, and returned her liver functions to normal. As a result of this experience, Sheri opened the doors to spiritual exploration. She has studied with many great mediums and healers, eventually earning her doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling from the Open International University, Institute for Alternative Medicine. Her book, “Healing From the Inside Out” chronicles her experience with illness and spiritual healing and shares what she has learned along the way. In 2008, her 22-year-old son Daniel died of an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs. Needless-to-say, Sheri suffers greatly from this loss; however, what helps her is the knowledge that Daniel is safe in the spirit world and “connecting up” with him through thought, feelings, dreams, signs and reputable mediums. Sheri is currently working on a new book to share her perspective with others who are mourning. She recently created the PRAYER REGISTRY for parents who wish to join with others to send group prayers out to their child on the anniversary day of their passing. You can read more about Sheri and the Prayer Registry at her website, or visit her own blog, “Loss, Bereavement and Connecting Up” at


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  • Barbara Niven says:

    Sheri is a one of a kind person. She and her son Danny have done so much for Us grieving parents to connect with our children. 7 months ago We lost our sweet beautiful boy. If it wasn’t for Sheri and Danny, my husband and I would be struggling with the worst time of our lives. But,because of them and the support and teaching we have received, well,life is a little bit more bearable. We will always be indebted to them both! Thank you,
    And the book Danny story is very well written. So glad I have it to reread!!!

  • Gail Benshabat says:

    I really enjoyed reading what you had to say about what happens to our children. “What you lose in the flesh, you find in the spirit” is what it is. There’s no other words to describe it. Everything goes back to spirit and I truly believe we’re connected. I’ve also “felt” my daughter’s presence (since she transitioned in February, 2016) and had numerous messages. People who knew Lisa, not even well, came to me and described their “connection.”

    you and many others, I have e and will continue to have an inseperable bond with her. I’m more conscious now of the subtties of life, that every so often surprise me in a good way. It’s that unbreakable bond that keeps us connected. It’s love. And go try to explain that to anyone who doesn’t believe, there’s no point. I’m so happy you share your wisdom, your stories and especially your connections with your beloved Danny. I know he’s with you, beside you in everything you do.

    Thank you. 💟
    Gail Benshabat

  • Wendy says:

    I tried to register my child says email unknown please could you send me link xxxx

  • Kimberly Carson says:

    Thank you for sharing your writing with us.

  • Barbara Inglese says:

    I wish to God somehow i could connect with my son’s spirit. He was our only child and i misshim more than life itself. Seems to be getting worse rather than better.

  • Mayra says:

    I would like more info on how to connect with my child! Is it possible to do so even if baby was a stillborn..?

  • Liz Baca says:

    I am open
    Its been a year and 6 weeks since i lost my
    Hanging on without help

  • I lost my son Nathan 2014 Xmas ..
    He was my best friend but was in a car accident only now do I feel like I am grieving ..he was 28 married with 4 children Unger 6yeaes old ..his wife survived but she is struggling with injuries ..and keeps leaving the kids with whoever will babysit .