The television is crackling with news about the latest weather catastrophe! All the morning news shows are “round tabling” about the craziness of ALL the candidates!!

I’m bursting with comments, remarks, outrage—and there’s no one here for me to share all this emotion with.

I can easily feel sorry for myself and go into a lonely funk, but I choose not to. Instead I make a lovely breakfast just for me. I make plans to bake cupcakes later for a sick friend, and I think about what kind of writing I’ll do this afternoon (and if you have other creative talents this is a good time to enlist them!) .

Then I go out to the garage, pick up my hiking shoes and tie them on. Out I go into the beautiful sunny, breezy morning holding my second cup of coffee in its paper container.

When I return, feeling exhilarated by a mile plus hike, I turn on the TV again and see CNN is still broadcasting the wild promises of nincompoops running for office.

This time I smile. Then I Iaugh out loud. “OK, I’m ready for battle,” I tell the television set. I’m going to work for the candidate of my choice, and that too will give me a feeling of accomplishment and the joy of being alive.

It doesn’t mean I like being alone. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss my darling mate of 55 years. It just means that in the four years since he died,  I’ve finally learned to carry on.

Sandra Pesmen 2011

Sandra Pesmen

Sandra Pesmen, host of, also writes the weekly DR.JOB column syndicated by Career News Service. A member of The Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and The University of Illinois Media Alumni Hall of Fame, Ms. Pesmen is author of “DR. JOB’s Complete Career Guide,“ and “Writing for the Media: Public Relations and the Press.” A reporter, features writer and editor, this business journalist was features editor of Crain’s Chicago Business from its inception in 1978 to 1990, when she became corporate features editor for its parent, Crain Communications Inc. She also wrote the monthly Executive Woman column in North Shore magazine in suburban Chicago for many years. Previously, she was a reporter and features writer for the Chicago Daily News.

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