When you have suffered the loss of a loved one, you may feel quite hopeless and life may seem to have lost its meaning. These feelings may last for months or years. Grieving is a completely individual process, there is no right way or wrong way to mourn the loss of those you love. However, there are several measures that can be taken which may help you cope through the darkest days.

Don?t expect too much from yourself. Allow yourself permission to make mistakes, be forgetful and disorganized. Don?t be hard on yourself if you don?t have it all together for awhile. Give yourself time to adjust and heal.

Accept that you will have feelings which may difficult to express or comprehend. You aren?t obligated to discuss your feelings with anyone if you choose not to. Discussing your feelings with others however may be cathartic and can assist in the healing process.

Don?t neglect your physical health. With grief often comes loss of appetite and sleep, both of which can lead to illness and disease. Avoid excessive use of sleeping pills or other sleep aids. At first sleeping pills may help you to sleep but your spirit and body must adjust to your loss naturally and sleeping pills can alter this process.

Be a friend to yourself. Do something extra for yourself each week, buy yourself a gift or treat yourself to a small leisure activity of some sort.

Your self-esteem may be at an all time low. Look at each new day as a kind of success. Acknowledge and record small successes in your life regardless of trivial they may seem at first. Keep a journal and record your achievements and successes.

Recalling happy memories of your departed love one may be painful at first but can also have a healing effect. Creating a scrapbook, photo album or other mementos may be an activity which helps to consolidate your feelings.

There?s no hurry to make any big changes, take things slowly. Big changes, such as relocating, beginning a new relationship or changing careers should be postponed for at least six months to a year. You have suffered a great loss and now isn?t the time to be making any life altering decisions.

There?s no great need to dispose of your loved ones clothing and possessions. Friends and family may believe that this is a necessary thing to do, but the decision is yours to make when you feel that the time is right.

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