I just received your e-mail and wanted to first say how sorry my mom and I are to hear about the murder of your daughter Krystal. How horrible for everyone to have Krystal murdered by a drunk driver. She was in the prime of her life, with two twin babies and her entire life ahead of her. This just shouldn’t have happened. Also thank-you for acknowledging my loss, as a bereaved sibling I continue to feel unacknoweldged in my loss. And it is my life’s calling to educate the world about the uniqueness of the sibling relationship and the loss we feel without our brothers and sisters. It sustains me to know that our show has been a light in the darkness for you. Thank-you for the feedback. On our show we try to provide hope and offer a wide variety of guests who represent many viewpoints on how people have coped, survived, and gone on to find purpose and meaning again after the losses in their lives. I know it took me many years to get to a place where I felt that life was worth living without Scott in my life.

I am so sorry you were offended by Byron’s show, as you know that was not our intention. We are here to extend our hand to others who are not as far along in the grief journey as we are. Byron Katie’s Work definately isn’t for everyone. We all have different paths we take and different ways that we deal with our grief. Several years ago when I first met Carl Mcdonald (the guest on our show) he was at a place in his life where his anger and rage at his daughter’s murder was destroying his life. His health, work, and personal relationships were breaking down and he had reached a crises point. He had tried everything and nothing had worked. Then he did the “Work of Byron Katie” and he said it changed his life. Because of the work he was able to let go of the rage and anger that he believed was holding him hostage and keeping him from living an authentic life. This enabled him to create a “new normal” and reinvest in new relationships as well as begin actively grieving through his work with MADD. Since this time he has gone on to find purpose and meaning and sees life as worth living again. Again this is just his personal story, each person takes there own journey, and healing works differently for everyone. In presenting so many guests and points of view on our weekly radio show, it is our hope that our listeners will resignate with one or many of the guests and/or stories and will be able to find their way back into the light while at the same time continuing bonds with their loved ones and keeping them forever in their hearts and memories.
Thank-you for your e-mail. Wishing you peace in 2007.

Heidi Horsley, PsyD, MSW, MS
Columbia University – Adjunct Professor
Radio Show CO-Host – http://thegriefblog.com/
FDNY-CSU/Columbia University Family Guidance Program – http://fdnycolumbia.org/new/


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