A person’s grief is not too short, and it’s not too long.
It’s not too weak, and it’s not too strong.
It just is what it is, but it’s never wrong.

Please don’t try to tell others how to grieve. If you can’t be supportive and non-judgmental, then just say so and step aside to make room for someone who can.
~ John Pete


John Pete

John Pete is a spiritual writer, founder of Daily Grief Quotes on Facebook, and was a Certified Grief Counselor for over 10-years . He has appeared on the "Grieving The Healing Heart" radio program and is published in the 2011 books, "Open To Hope, Inspirational Stories of Healing After Loss," "Grieving the Sudden Death of a Loved One" (2012, DVD), and Grief Diaries - Through the Eyes of Men (2016, book). John Pete is online at https://facebook.com/dailygriefquotes.

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