Dorenzer Thomas: Roberta’s House, Faith, Music and Grief


Dr. Gloria Horsley connects with Dorenzer Thomas of to talk about how faith and music can be integral to the healing process. She’s the Youth Coordinator of Programming and works closely with children and families who are bereaved. Located in Baltimore, Roberta’s House is the only such grief center in the area. Thomas also holds an office in her church, and she’s chairman of the church council. She says spirituality is essential, and the bible is used at times in Roberta’s House. However, everyone needs someone to talk to when going through a loss.

If you have faith in your life, finding support that encourages that connection is important. Thomas says Roberta’s House is located in the heart of the community. Even though Baltimore is a big city, it’s still a small town in many ways. There’s also quite a bit of music used in grief and religion. It’s essential and a tool used in therapeutic grief. In the church, music is used to inspire and lift spirits.

Closer to God

Grief therapy and music help people connect to themselves, to God, and to their community. It’s a part of the human experience, and sometimes people can sing easier than they can talk and share emotions. There’s also art and other forms of creative strategies to help with healing at the Center. Thomas encourages anyone who has experienced a loss to remember that loss is a normal part of our lives.

Remember the great things about your loved one and connect with others. You can use grief as a tool to inspire yourself to move forward and live a better life. At the end of the day, it’s what’s in your heart that matters and how you spend your time here on Earth.


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