Dr Valarie Molaison & Dr Heidi Horsley, Communicating with Children after a Suicide

Dr Molaison and Dr Horsley talk about how families can communicate with children after a suicide in the family.


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  • shireen says:

    I lost my son through suicide not sure yet how I cannot come to terms with this my heart is broken and my spirit is crushed…every second every minute I see my child he was so loving and caring and very ambitious and very handsome I wait for him to come ”and say I love you mom and a hug every time if he visit I get the hugs and kisses every move he make be it if he went outside or and the same with his dad carries his dad calls him (dada) lift him up he was quite a big built child he was 34 years but he was our baby cannot deal with this..it was tough bringing them up but we tried to give them our all and then for someone who enters play with their life I cannot believe he did this I wish I had the cash to pay for the Private Invesigators but one day I am saving for that just to know why he did this he knew how much we loved him a hugh part of my life is gone I will never be the same again I have two other children they are also not taking this passing on of their brother very bad

    • Marilyn Koenig says:

      Shireen, I am so sorry about the tragic death of your son. My son also died by suicide when he was 18 years old. We didn’t understand and were mystified regarding his action. He was the child we didn’t worry about because he was smart, artistic, sensitive and always following the rules. What you are experiencing is quite common among those of us trying to understand and cope with a suicide death. It takes a long time but the caring support of family, friends and other bereaved parents can ease the trauma.
      I am connected to a peer bereavement support program for persons coping with a suicide death.
      Contact Friends for Survival. Check out the website FriendsforSurvival.org for more information.
      You can learn how to cope and after a long time you can resume a productive life. You had your son for 34 years and you can’t get through this in 34 weeks or months but you can function again.