Episode 115: Spiritual Experience and the Afterlife

On this show Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi Horsley interview bereaved parents Elizabeth Boisson, Irene Vouvalides and Ernie Jackson regarding their view of the afterlife and how their experiences have helped them to cope with their losses. Their organization, “Helping Parents Heal,” founded by Elizabeth Boisson, offers bereaved parents an open discussion of spiritual and after life experiences. A video clip of Suzanne Giesemann, Evidential Medium and Author is shown.


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  • slo says:

    I lost a child last year august and since then I questioned the existence of God to an extend of not praying neither call his name, I do believe in Jesus though.. Strange as it may sound I still cant understand why God didn’t protect my son more so that I prayed to Him to take my soul and spared my son’s soul- from childhood were taught that He loves and protects children.. I tried few counselling sessions and got bored the moment God’s name was mentioned and left. I know anger is controlling my emotions but I’m so much disappointed.
    I hope you can help me.