Have you experienced a sudden traumatic loss? If so, get tips and tools on how to navigate this difficult time. Join hosts Dr. Gloria Horsley and her daughter Dr. Heidi Horsley, along with their guests Meghan Riordan-Jarvis and Abby Dart, to discuss what helped them after traumatic loss and what might help you too. Meghan Riordan-Jarvis is a psychotherapist and hosts the podcast “Grief is My Side Hustle.” She has written two books: a memoir called “End of The Hour,” about her personal experience with PTSD after the successive deaths of her parents, and “Can Anyone Tell Me Why: Essential Questions About Grief and Loss.” Abby Dart has a law degree from Loyola Law School and is a member of the California Bar. Following the death of her husband by suicide, she entered the political arena and has spent many years lobbying for better mental health care.

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