While there are similarities among men who are grieving, there are also differences. Listen to how two men with very different experiences navigated their unexpected losses. Join hosts Dr. Gloria Horsley and her daughter Dr. Heidi Horsley, along with their guests Jon Lefrandt and Warren Kozak, as they discuss how they navigated their lives after loss.

Jon Lefrandt is the Founder and CEO of Elevia, a text messaging service used to better serve grieving families. Jon comes to this work after the death of his father, which left him reeling. He is also the founder of For Grief, a multi-platform initiative that offers courses, live events, and a speakers bureau.

Warren Kozak is an author and journalist for some of television’s most respected news anchors. He has been an on-air reporter for NPR, and his writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, among others. He wrote the book “Waving Goodbye: Life After Loss” after the untimely death of his wife to cancer.

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