Episode 30: Pet Loss

On This show Dr. Gloria Horsley; and Dr. Heidi Horsley discuss the death of a pet with pet loss experts Bonnie Goodman and Dr. Betty J. Carmack, R.N., Ed.D. Betty is a researcher and author of “Grieving the Death of a Pet”. Bonnie is a certified Thanatologist and grief Counselor. The show closes with music by Peter Anderson and Randy Cookson.

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  • Caroline Barbeau says:

    I’m new to this site and have 2 geriatric felines who have been with me for 21 years. I believe one of them is near the end of his life due to a heart condition which I’m supporting with Rx and supplements. He is still enjoying his raw food diet, sunshine and lots of love. I dread the thought of losing him and I’m seeking advice to help me prepare and cope when the time comes…I’ve never had to euthanize an animal and have very mixed feelings about it…who am I to take a life away? I will explore this website in hope to find answers…
    With aloha, Caroline