On this show Dr. Heidi Horsley and Dr. Gloria Horsley discuss with Sherry Cassedy and Faith Freed helpful ideas on getting through a crisis.  Sherry is an attorney who has practiced law and mediation for 29 years and currently has a mediation and private judging practice in Palo Alto, CA.   She has served as adjunct faculty at Sofia University, and in the Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara University.  She has suffered the loss of two nephews and is the bereaved parent of Timothy Sullivan who died in 2010 in a skateboarding accident.  Faith Freed holds a master’s degree In counseling psychology and spiritual guidance from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Faith is the author of, “Is:  Your Authentic Spirituality Unleashed”. She counsels clients in Palo Alto and San Francisco at the Entelechy Wellness Center.


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