Episode 44: COPS; Supporting Cops and their Families

On this show Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley interview Dennis Jones the Executive Director of Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S). and Anthony (Babe) Muro a supporter and friend of the police community. They discuss how C.O.P.S. supports individuals and families after a fellow officer has fallen and offer suggestions on how the community can be a part of the healing process.


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  • Gopal says:

    As always, an ounce of prieentvon is worth a pound of cure. Placing hardened criminal in with county level offenders is like bringing private tutoring on advanced criminal activity into county jails. And using the county jails as a holding pen for prison offenders is not really solving the problem of overcrowding.Why the issue of 98% plea rate from certain counties is not addressed is in itself criminal. In some instances, probably waaay too many, people are being sent to jail and prison for ridiculous things things that aren’t really crimes. Or the spin attached by the DA office and police complicity was not addressed by the defense attorney. All too often, apparently, the defense works to favor the court, not with best interests of the client. This is not only Public Defenders, but also privately hired criminal defense. Why? Why do the courts despise the people? Why does county administration despise the people? I think it’s because there is abuse by those in power against the people of the county. That’s what I think. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see an abusive criminal justice system. We would see fairness if those sitting behind the bench were actually respectful. 1 likes