Episode 46: Widow’s Helping Widows

On this show Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley discuss with Dawn Nargi and Roselyn Drake how the loss of their husbands inspired them to help widows through The W Connection. The second guest will be Audrey Pellicano nurse, mother, wife and widow, who will give tips on how one can tap into the power of the mind in order to heal from loss, move beyond the pain and reignite feelings of hope. Audrey hosts Death Café at The Open Center of New York City and is the author of the “Six Secrets to Surviving Widowhood”.


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  • carol hatch says:

    I lost my husband to a massive heart attack 3 months ago. I would like some support.

  • M. Rogers says:

    Thank you Ladies for the informative positive information .
    It does not seem to matter the time ,place nor country the results are the same.There is so little out there for helping widows .The public, meaning well do not know how to help., they are not equipped they dont know what to do with a widow who is grieving.A handful of friends have been wonderful .
    In my country due to uncertainty of its future , our children are leaving .That means widows are also very much on their own, in their fog of grieving .
    After 15 years of battling various cancers emergency open double by-pass heart surgery and 2 failed back ops , my husband passed away last year.
    It is the hardest part of my life that I have had to work through.