Episode 72: Coping After Child Loss

On this show Dr’s. Gloria and Heidi Horsley interview bereaved parent and creator of the Grief Diaries brand of books, webinars, and film. The second guest is Barbara Hopkinson, bereaved parent and author of A Butterfly’s Journey To A New Normal. She is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist and a Compassionate Friends Chapter Leader. We will also show a clip from her Butterfly’s Journey site.


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  • Kathryn Snyder says:

    My grandson was shot and killed last year just months before his 16th birthday. He and I were extremely close and I feel As if I lost a part of me when he was taken. Do you have any articles and/or interviews that could help? I have spent the last year trying everything I know to walk through this and to help my children and a year later feel more lost than ever! My family has been torn apart by this tragedy.