Episode 74: Grief Diaries

On this show Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley interview Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Linda Bateman Gomez , Carol Scibelli and Christine Duminiak. These four women have found hope after loss and have contributed to the Grief Diaries brand of books created by Lynda Fell. Lynda is also the executive president of the newly formed National Grief & Hope Coalition.

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  • Ntombi Pereira says:

    My daughter passed on, in December 3rd 2014. Yesterday was her 2nd anniversary since her death. I’m struggling I’m sad and in pain don’t know how to go on without her. She was my only child and my mom, dad and my brothers are all dead. My question is that, I’m asking my self everyday that why am I still alive. I’m surrounded by the things and places that reminds me of her everyday, I can’t take it any longer.